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RSPCA Wirral & Chester Branch

Registered charity no. 219766


7 years old


  • Looking for a home where there isn't too much going on.
  • I'm a friendly, affectionate boy and am looking for a new quiet home
  • I could live with children of secondary school age
  • I need to be able to go outside and explore
  • I may be able to live with another cat.
  • I love company and would like you to be around a good part of the day

Theo is an 8 year old big lad who has clearly been fending for himself for quite some time. He has lots of war wound and is quite timid. He, is in face a super sweet boy who just needs someone to help him gain a little confidence. Once he knows you he will stand any amount of love and fuss.

He will need a quiet home where he can relax without worrying and cat savvy owners who can help him settle in.